Motor Insurance

Key Benefits
Motor Insurance

  • Image Saves Time Money And Energy
  • Image Immediate policy issuance and response for assistance after any accident.
  • Image Applicable for Cars, Motorbikes or other heavy motor vehicles that ply on the road.
  • Image Report of Internal Committee

Motor Insurance
Motor Insurance Partners

We have many partners that help us offer the best car insurance in Bangladesh:



  • 20% discount on any device price.
  • 2 Months free if customer pays for 6 months subscription fee. Customer will get total 8 months.
  • 3 Months free if customer pays for 12 months subscription fee. Customer will get total 15 months.


  • 40% discount in Digital Driver
  • 10% discount in various servicing in their website (with a discount cap)
  • 10% discount in repair (with a discount cap)

  • Karnaphull Insurance Company’s Comprehensive (first party) motor insurance includes reimbursement/coverage against loss/damage caused by the following:

    • Own Damages or Loss of the Motor Vehicle and/or Its Accessories Whilst Thereon
    • Fire, Explosion, Self-ignition or Lightning
    • Burglary, Housebreaking or Theft
    • Riot, Strike or Malicious Act
    • Earthquake (fire & shock)
    • Cyclone, Flood, Hurricane, Storm, Inundation, Hailstorm or Frost
    • Motor Engine Damage Through Accidental External Means
    • Any damage to the vehicle in transit by road
    • Third party Act liability (death/bodily injuries/property damage to third parties)

    In the case if there is no claim in a calendar year in Bangladesh, the vehicle will be entitled to “No Claim Bonus”. The premium rate, terms and conditions to be provided for your vehicle would be calculated as per Motor Tariff Bangladesh.


    You can call us as soon as there is an accident or mishap and start the claim initiation process. The claims will be assessed by insurer or a surveyor and in accordance with the survey a proper compensation will be paid to the insured.

To apply please fill out this form!

To apply please fill out this form!

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