Claim Procedure

Claim Procedure

Initial Step: 

Intimate such loss/ damage immediately so that a Competent Surveyor may be deputed to minimize & access the loss
Give an account of all properties damaged or destroyed with estimated amounts having regard to their values as on the date and place of loss.
Cooperate with Surveyors by providing all necessary documents for assessment of loss and establishing liability
Cooperate with the insurer in all their activities of entering the premises, taking possession of properties, their examining, sorting, removing or selling to your account, without prejudice.
Inform particulars of all other insurances existing on the property at the time of loss.

Documents Required by Insurer for Processing The Claim

Fire Required Documents List:

01.  Copy of the First Information Report to the Police (FIR) duly signed & sealed by the P.S. concerned.

02.  Fire Brigade Report.

03.  Stock details for 3(three) months (Up to .......................) duly counter-signed by the Bank.

04.  Attached "CLAIM FORM" duly completed, signed, sealed by you and counter-signed by your Banker.

05.  Manager/Foreman/Supervisor's statement duly certified by your Bank.

06.  Three estimates from three reputed Manufacturers/Repairers/ Workshops.

07.  List of damaged items showing quantity and item wise value.

08. Certificate from the Chairman/Commissioner/ local PDB Office/Electricity Office/Local Meteorological Office in

      connection with the incident.

09.  Final Police Report.

10.  Statement of Godown keeper/Chowkider regarding incident which is to be counter-signed both by you & Bank.

11.  Colour Photographs of the affected items.


Marine Required Documents List:

01. Original Marine Insurance Policy.

02. Photo Copies of Invoice.

03. Photo Copies of packing list.

04. Photo Copies of Bill of Lading.

05. Photo copies of Bill of Entry.

06. Photo Copies of L/C.

07. Claim Bill in triplicate in your letterhead pad.

08. Copy of joint Survey Report On the basis of Survey might have been done in Chittagong Port.

09. Copy of Landing Certificate at the Port of discharge.


Common Documents for all claims under a Industrial All Risks policy:

i) Certified true copy of the policy along with schedule and endorsements/clauses.

ii) Claim form.

iii) Newspaper reports on the incident, if any.

iv) Photographs.

v) Past claims experience.


Fire Claims (additional documents):

  1. Report of Internal Committee constituted for the purpose of investigating the cause of fire.
  2. First Brigade Report.
  3. First Information Report/ letter of intimation to the police Station duly endorsed.
  4. Forensic Laboratory Report on samples collected at affected site.
  5. Drug Inspector’s report on destruction of Drugs/pharmaceutical items (for claim on pharma products only).
  6. Final investigation Report.

Flood Claims (additional documents): Meteorological Report Explosion Claims (additional documents): Factory inspector’s Report or Report of Director of Industrial safety and welfare. Reinstatement of sum insured after loss: Payment of a loss under a IAR policy diminished the sum insured by the amount paid.
To reinstate the pre-loss sum insured until next renewal the appropriate prorate premium to be paid.


Contact with Claim Department:

Meghna Life-Karnaphuli Bima Bhaban (13th floor), 11/B & D, Toyenbee Circular Road, Motijheel C/A, Dhaka-1000. Phone: +88022339587295, PABX: +88022339564808-9, Web: